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Applying for citizenship

The Department of Home Affairs manages all enquiries for becoming an Australian citizen. Residents eligible for Australian citizenship will be allocated to a citizenship ceremony by the Department of Home Affairs and will be sent a letter with the details of their ceremony. Contact Department of Home Affairs on 131 881 for all enquiries about becoming a citizen.

Upcoming ceremony dates

The City of Tea Tree Gully hosts approximately four ceremonies per year, our next scheduled ceremonies are

  • Thursday 22 August 2019 
  • Wednesday 2 October 2019
  • Sunday 26 January 2020

Please note: These dates are subject to change.

Citizenship ceremony

The Australian citizenship ceremony is a formal occasion which takes 1 - 2 hours depending on the number of candidates.

During the ceremony the Presiding Officer will take candidates through a series of legal elements that are essential to becoming an Australian citizen.

Members of Parliament, Councillors and special guests are invited to attend, with light refreshments served at the ceremony.

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