Community Wastewater Management System - Transition to SA Water sewer

SA Water has taken full ownership of the Tea Tree Gully Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS), including management, operation and maintenance. 

Those on CWMS should contact them on 1800 657 337 for all sewerage and CWMS related enquiries.

All residents connected to CWMS are now SA Water customers for their sewerage services. Accordingly, those connected to the system pay SA Water sewerage rates instead of the annual CWMS service charge.

Most households connected to CWMS will see an immediate saving of a few hundred dollars per year.

This change in billing will not impact the planned transition, which will see all properties currently connected to Council's CWMS transferred to SA Water sewer in a staged manner over the coming six or so years.

SA Water will now manage the billing process as well as the entire transition program and has committed to keeping all CWMS customers informed throughout the process.

SA Water is managing the transition and has set up a dedicated customer service unit for CWMS customers.

More information about your SA Water bill, new sewerage prices and the sustainable sewers program can be found at SA Water CWMS

Reporting a fault

SA Water is responsible for the maintenance and repair of CWMS infrastructure while the property owner is responsible for maintenance and repairs from the connection point to the septic tank.

If you believe there is a fault, or you are not sure where the problem lies, contact SA Water on 1800 657 337

If there is a fault on your property or with your septic tank, you will need to contact a licenced plumber.

Plumbing and maintenance

For information about the CWMS network, your septic system and how to look after your septic tank visit SA Water CWMS