Blockages on a CWMS connected property

Is the blockage on my property or on Council property?

What to do:

Locate the connection point. It is typically located near the front or rear boundary of your property. Council can help if you’re having trouble finding it - call us on 8397 7444.

If there is no water flow observed through the connection point when you turn on a tap in your house, the blockage is most likely on your property. If this is the case, contact a licensed plumber to clear the blockage.

If water is holding at the connection point, the blockage is most likely in Council’s drain and you should phone us on 8397 7444.

It is normal for your septic tank to appear full because of the design of the septic tank.

Use a licensed plumber

It is important to check that the plumber you are using is licenced.

An unlicensed plumber may not undertake the required work correctly, which may result in damage to your property and potentially impact any insurance claim or other warranties you may have.

Their identification card should contain their licence number, which you can check on Consumer and Business Services website