Transition to SA Water sewer

In 2020, the State Government and opposition, announced their commitment to transfer properties on CWMS to SA Water sewer.

On 11 May 2021 Council received the Sustainable Sewers Program Transition Plan from SA Water.

The Plan proposes a staged conversion and the subsequent transfer of CWMS customers to SA Water sewer.

A draft Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) Prudential Report is being prepared by an independent prudential advisor in line with Section 48 of the Local Government Act 1999.

The findings of the draft Report have been presented to Council and will be provided to the Minister for Environment and Water for consideration.

The Report will remain confidential at this time, as the public release of this information may impact Council’s ability to negotiate the best outcome for our community.

Council will meet in December to consider the final Report and any feedback from the Minister.

We will continue to update our community as we move through the negotiation process.