Heritage grants

Each year owners of a local heritage place and contributory items within the Historic Conservation Policy Area are invited to apply to the City of Tea Tree Gully for a financial grant in order to assist with building conservation work. 

Priority is given where urgent work is required to prevent the deterioration of a place and where the work will result in a significant contribution to streetscape character. 

Grants are limited to a maximum of 50% of the total value of work per annum and not exceeding $2,500 per annum for a contributory item or $5,000 for a local heritage place.

Work that has already commenced is not eligible and preference will also be given to buildings not previously subsidised. State Heritage listed properties will also not be considered for grant funding as this is the responsibility of the State Government Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources. Refer to Council's Community Grants Policy for additional eligibility information. 

Grant money is paid following demonstrated completion of the project in accordance with the agreement with Council. 

Council staff, in consultation with heritage advisors determine recipients of grants. Recipients must also agree to a sign being erected at the front of the property advising that the conservation work is partly funded by Council.

Submit a Heritage Grant application