Catching up on vaccinations - 0 to 19 years

All children and young persons up to, and including 19 years of age with a valid Medicare card, are eligible for free catch-up vaccines through the National Immunisation Program for South Australia

If you are not eligible for a Medicare card or are 20 years of age or older, vaccines can be purchased from our Immunisation clinic - see vaccine costs 

Before catching up on any missed vaccinations, you will need to book an initial catch-up consultation with one of our Immunisation nurses. 

For Medicare-eligible clients, a $30 consult fee will apply. For non-Medicare clients, a $50 consult fee will apply.
At this consultation, the Immunisation nurse will:

1. Review any vaccination records
2. Prepare a catch-up vaccination plan for any missed vaccines

Another appointment will then be made for a catch-up vaccination plan to commence. Prior to this next appointment, any vaccination records will be uploaded to the Australian Immunisation Register.

Please bring ALL vaccination records with you to the initial catch-up consultation.

Please note: Family assistance requirements may affect your family payments if your child's immunisations are not up-to-date.