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Book into one of our regular or out-of-hours immunisation clinics below.

All people to be immunised must have an individual booking so time can be allocated accordingly.

Up to four people can book into the same session time. While every attempt will be made to ensure people are seen within their allocated session time, some delays may occur.

Council's Immunisation Team continues to provide a safe and hygienic environment for all our clients and meets state government COVID-19 guidelines.

Please note – to assist us with social distancing guidelines we ask that you limit the number of additional people attending the session with you where possible, as only one adult will be able to accompany their child in the vaccinating room.

Immunisation online booking

No COVID-19 vaccines available. Visit Department of Health website to check your eligibility and to find a clinic near you.

Book here for regular clinics in May 2021

Book here for out-of-hours clinics in May 2021

Book here for regular clinics in June 2021

Book here for out-of-hours clinics in June 2021

Book here for regular clinics in July 2021

Book here for out-of-hours clinics in July 2021

Clinic hours

Regular opening hours clinics

Tuesdays and Thursdays
10am - noon
2pm - 4.30pm 

Bookings are essential.

Out of hours clinics
  • Saturday 22 May 10am–12noon
  • Tuesday 1 June 6–8pm
  • Saturday 26 June 10am–12noon
  • Tuesday 6 July 6–8pm
  • Saturday 24 July 10am–12noon
  • Tuesday 3 August 6–8pm
  • Saturday 28 August 10am–12noon
  • Tuesday 7 September 6–8pm
  • Saturday 25 September 10am–12noon
  • Tuesday 5 October 6–8pm
  • Saturday 23 October 10am–12noon
  • Tuesday 2 November 6–8pm
  • Saturday 27 November 10am–12noon
  • Tuesday 7 December 6–8pm
  • Saturday 18 December 10am–12noon

Bookings are essential


Civic Centre, 571 Montague Road, Modbury.

83977444 (business hours)

83977322 (out of hours)

What you need to do

When you visit the clinic please bring:

  • Immunisation records and/or your child's health record book
  • Medicare card

Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your session time.

Where possible, limit the number of additional people attending the session with you to assist us with maintaining social distancing.

If you are not well, please cancel your session via the booking link (sent to you in your confirmation email) or contact us directly.  

Please note vaccinations purchased elsewhere will not be administered.  

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