Food safety

There are approximately 440 food businesses in the City of Tea Tree Gully. Environmental Health Officers inspect all food businesses in the Council area including home based businesses and mobile food businesses to ensure compliance with the Food Act 2001, Food Regulations 2017 and the Food Safety Standards.

Council promotes food safety and ensures compliance with legislation by:

  • Conducting routine food safety inspections
  • Food safety auditing for aged care and childcare businesses
  • Investigation of food complaints and food poisoning incidents
  • Providing information and education about safe food handling practices
  • Assisting SA Health with food recalls and food poisoning outbreak situations.

Food business responsibilities

All food businesses must comply with the Food Act 2001 (the Act), Food Regulations 2017 and Food Safety Standards

It is a requirement under the Act that any food business handling or selling food must, before commencing operations, notify their local Council of their food business details by completing the Food business notification form

Notification is required for all food businesses in the City of Tea Tree Gully including:

  • Temporary food businesses
  • Home based food businesses
  • Mobile food businesses

This form only needs to be completed once unless the details of the food business change. There is no fee associated with notification however fines may apply for operating a food business without notifying.

For advice relating to opening and running a food business and food business responsibilities please contact an Environmental Health Officer on 8397 7444

Food business fit-outs

It is important that your food business complies with the Food Safety Standards to avoid expensive alterations “after opening”. Food Safety Standards 3.2.3 sets out the Food Premises and Equipment requirements for the business. This checklist(PDF, 282KB) may help you during the design process.

An Environmental Health Officer can provide further information and guidance to help food businesses comply with the Standards. For an assessment of your design in relation to Food Safety Standards, please provide floor plans prior to commencing works. 

Food business inspections

Routine inspections: Environmental Health Officers conduct routine inspections of all food premises. The frequency of these inspections is dependant on the type of food business, the associated risks and prior compliance with the food legislation. These inspections are subject to fees as set out in the Food Regulations Act 2017. For a full list of inspection fees please refer to Council's Fees and charges register(PDF, 5MB)  

Fit-out inspections: A fit-out inspection needs to be conducted prior to a food business beginning operation. This will help ensure food business premises comply with the requirements of the Food Safety Standards. There is no fee for this service.

Inspection following a food complaint/food poisoning incident: Environmental Health Officers may conduct an inspection in response to a complaint about a health issue in a food business or if a food poisoning incident is suspected to be linked to a food business.

If you require further information please call an Environmental Health Officer on 8397 7444 or visit SA Health

Home based food businesses

If you are thinking about conducting a home based food business, this checklist(PDF, 375KB) can be used as a guide to help with the requirements. There are health and planning requirements to consider before you begin operation.

In accordance with the requirements of the Food Act 2001, home based food businesses undertaking food handling activities or selling food are required to notify their local Council of their food business details on the approved Food business notification form

Home based food businesses are required to comply with the Food Safety Standards. Environmental Health Officers can provide information to help food businesses comply with the Standards. For additional information please contact us on 8397 7444.

Temporary or mobile food businesses

Temporary or mobile food businesses are required to notify Council of their food business details on the approved Food business notification form.

This includes charity and community groups that sell or provide food. Mobile food businesses are only required to notify the Council where their vehicle/mobile business is garaged.

Mobile and temporary food businesses may be subject to inspections whilst operating in other Council areas.

If you are planning to trade from the roadside or on Council land, please see the Mobile Food Vendor Guidelines(PDF, 555KB) and Permits page. If you require further information about permits, please call 8397 7444 and ask for the Inspections Team. 

Please contact an Environmental Health Officer on 8397 7444 for more information.

Food safety at special events

It is important that food safety standards are practiced by food handlers at these temporary special events. If you are planning an event where food will be sold, complete the food safety at special events notification form(PDF, 376KB) and return to Council at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Please also access the fact sheet(PDF, 719KB) regarding food safety at outdoor events.

Food safety training

It is essential that food handlers have appropriate skills and knowledge about food safety. Adequate skills and knowledge is a mandatory requirement of FSANZ Food Safety Standard 3.2.2.

SA Health support and encourage the use of an online food safety training program called “Do Food Safely”. This is free and available at Vic Health Do Food Safely  Once completed, a certificate can be emailed to the user.

For more information, please call an Environmental Health Officer on 8397 7444

Food complaints and food poisoning

There are many different agents responsible for food poisoning and symptoms can take hours, days or even weeks to develop after eating the responsible food. It is important to realise that it is not always the last thing that was eaten that is the cause of the illness. There are also viruses which can cause similar symptoms that are spread person to person and not from food.

For further information or if you have a concern or complaint please call an Environmental Health Officer on 8397 7444.


The Food Safety Standards require that facilities providing food to vulnerable people such as the elderly, people who are immuno-compromised and children aged 4 or less, develop a Food Safety Program and undergo audits. The businesses most likely to fall into this category include but are not limited to: aged care facilities, child care centres, hospitals and nursing homes. These businesses are required to develop their own Food Safety Program. SA Health has templates which can be used by these businesses.

The business and its Food Safety Program must be audited routinely by an accredited Food Safety Auditor. The City of Tea Tree Gully has accredited Auditors who undertake the auditing for these businesses.

For further information please contact an Environmental Health Officer on 8397 7444

Food safety rating scheme

The City of Tea Tree Gully is currently participating in the Food Safety Rating Scheme. The Food Safety Rating Scheme is designed to provide consumers with food safety information and to help make informed choices about where they choose to eat. For further information and access to the inspection checklist, please refer to SA Health's Food Safety Rating Scheme