Public health information for plumbers, residents and developers

For plumbers

It is a requirement that Council be notified at least 24 hours prior to the following inspections:

  • Underfloor plumbing (under water test)
  • Drain, septic tank and effluent disposal system (drain under water test)

Book a plumbing inspection  If there is a change to the date or time, please call 8397 7444 to advise us of the change.

Please note, under the South Australian Public Health (Wastewater) Regulations 2013, the plumber who installed the wastewater works must provide Council with a Certificate of Compliance and an as constructed drawing within 28 days of completion of works.

For home owners, developers, builders and plumbers

If you are installing a new wastewater system or altering an existing wastewater system which is not connected to the SA Water sewer, you need to apply for wastewater works approval from Council. Submit an On-site wastewater application

CWMS and wastewater systems

There are many properties in the City of Tea Tree Gully that do not have access to the SA Water sewer system. These properties are connected to the Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS), or have onsite wastewater systems.

The CWMS is designed to remove liquid effluent only. This means a septic tank is required to treat a portion of your domestic wastewater. If you are subdividing a property on CWMS or want more information about the system visit CWMS

Properties which cannot be connected to the sewer system or the CWMS have an on-site wastewater system. These systems treat liquid effluent which is disposed of on the property.

Onsite wastewater systems and septic tanks connected to the CWMS network require desludging once every 4 years. Council manage the desludging program for properties connected to the CWMS system and the fee associated to this service is included in your Council rates. Owners of properties with onsite wastewater systems are responsible for having their systems pumped out every 4 years.

For more information on wastewater, including the list of approved products visit SA Health


Greywater refers to water from showers, baths, hand basins, laundries and washing machines. If you intend to use greywater it is important that it is done correctly to ensure it does not create a risk to public health. For more information on greywater visit SA Health

Permanent greywater systems require Council approval. Submit an On-site wastewater application

For wastewater enquiries please contact an Environmental Health Officer on 8397 7444