Public health information for residents


Asbestos is still present in millions of homes across Australia, particularly those built before 1990. Think twice about asbestos when renovating your home. 

Information on asbestos for home owners and neighbours from the State Government.

Maintaining swimming pools or spas

If you're concerned about health risks from a pool or spa, please contact an Environmental Health Officer on 8397 7444

Tips on maintaining swimming pools and spas to prevent illness or mosquito breeding:

  • Maintain the water level so that the filter can be operated
  • Run the filter regularly, even when the pool or spa is not in use
  • Maintain chlorination/disinfection levels at all times
  • Remove leaf litter and debris often
  • Use a cover to keep clean and prevent the entry of pests. Remove any water that pools on top of the cover so this does not become a breeding area itself

Controlling mosquito breeding

If the pool is already home to breeding mosquitoes, some options for controlling mosquito breeding are:

  • Place domestic kerosene or paraffin oil over the surface of the water - be sure to check with the pool company first to ensure these chemicals will not damage the pool or spa
  • Drain the pool completely - check with your pool company before doing this to ensure it will not damage the pool or spa
  • Clean, refill and maintain the pool regularly

Further information regarding pools and spas can be found at SA Health

Wood heaters and smoke

It is important that wood heaters are used correctly during winter months. Excessive smoke from indoor wood heaters can be a nuisance to neighbours.

If you have a complaint about excessive smoke from a neighbouring property, please contact an Environmental Health Officer on 8397 7444

For more information on woodsmoke and burning in the open: Environment Protection Authority