Illegal dumping


Nobody likes illegal dumping.

Dumping household or commercial materials on a road, verge or park is an illegal activity and fines of up to $5,000 can apply. 

Many people dump rubbish illegally because they think it is cheaper than taking it to a waste management facility but it can actually cost you much more.

Illegal dumping has a negative impact on property values and can be an environmental threat and fire risk.

This type of dumping costs Council more than $100,000 per year and ultimately results in the community paying higher rates to fund the collection and disposal of this rubbish.

Report illegal dumping

Help stop illegal dumping in your area. If you see someone Report illegal dumping or call us on 8397 7444

Abandoned shopping trolleys

Council will only collect shopping trolleys that have no identification or if it is located in a creek.

  • If the trolley has identification on it, please contact their nearest store who will arrange collection.
  • You can use Trolley tracker to report trolleys for Big W, Dan Murphy's and Woolworths.

How to correctly dispose of large waste items 

We offer two free hard waste collections per household per year for items such as furniture, white goods and hot water services. 

Council also host Enviro Care regularly to allow residents to dispose of green waste.

Report someone littering

If you see someone littering from their vehicle, report it to Council or call us on 8397 7444