Mini muncher kitchen caddy

Picture of kids with waste

The Mini Muncher kitchen caddy giveaway has started.

This convenient bench top bin allows you to recycle food scraps and organic material with ease. Best of all, the compostable bags can be placed straight into your green-lid organics bin for recycling into nutrient-rich compost based products.

How do I get a Mini Muncher?

Fill out the form and click submit to request a Mini Muncher.

For City of Tea Tree Gully residents only.

Where do I get more bags from?

City of Tea Tree Gully residents can collect additional rolls of compostable bags from the Civic Centre, Modbury.

Residents are entitled to two free rolls of compostable bags per year.

What do I feed my Mini Muncher?

These compostable items are good to go in your Mini Muncher:

  • Peelings, fruit (including citrus) and vegetable scraps
  • Cakes and bread crusts
  • Eggshells and dairy items, including cheese and yogurt
  • Cooked or raw meat scraps and bones
  • Seafood, including bones and shells
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds
  • Shredded paper, tissue and paper towel
  • Hair and nail clippings.