Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy

Mother and 3 daughters empty food scraps into compost bin

The City of Tea Tree Gully has adopted an ambitious, forward-thinking Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy(PDF, 1MB)  This will drive us toward a more sustainable future. A future where waste is avoided to the greatest extent, valuable materials are diverted from landfill and our community and the environment are protected from the negative impacts of waste.

Our strategy is built on the waste management hierarchy and circular economy principles. It aligns with our strategic vision for a strong and vibrant city, as well as the state government’s commitment to the ‘diversion of all waste from landfill where it is technologically, environmentally, and economically practicable to do so’.

This strategy will guide the City of Tea Tree Gully and its community through to 2033. It has been developed with the input of our community, industry partners and other stakeholders.

Key focus areas

We have identified six key focus areas that are critical to achieving our vision. These focus areas will guide our actions.

Avoidance, reuse and recovery

Minimise waste generation, keep materials in use for as long as possible, and enhance source separation and resource recovery, ensuring all avoidable waste is removed from the waste stream.

Engagement, education and activation

Engage residents, schools, businesses and community organisations through education, awareness campaigns and capacity building programs that foster sustainable behaviour change and empower our community to take ownership and make responsible consumption and disposal decisions.

Service delivery and operations

High order waste hierarchy outcomes are embedded in our decision making, our operations actively support the development of a circular economy, and our waste management services are well governed, accessible and respond to community need.

Collaboration and innovation

Collaborate with government, industry, business, educational institutions and community to leverage collective knowledge, resources, and expertise to develop innovative solutions.

Reform, advocacy and alignment

Proactively drive long-term strategy, policy and legislative change that benefits the City of Tea Tree Gully and its community.

Environmental protection and alignment

The adverse effects of waste on the environment and human health are minimised, and our city and our community are protected from environmental health risks.


Community consultation

We engaged with the community and other stakeholders prior to developing this strategy. You’ll find information on the pre-strategy engagement on our Have Your Say page