New solar compacting bins installed

Published on 06 September 2021

solar bins - organics, general and recycle

Following a successful trial in 2019, we’ve installed more solar-compacting bins at key locations across the City.

The new smart bins are even better than those used in the trial, with separate options for general waste, recyclables and organics - just like you use at home.  

This means that more valuable waste resources can be recycled rather than ending up in landfill, which can sometimes be the case for traditional public bins.

Because smart bins are able to compact waste, they can hold up to eight times as much as a regular bin, which means they don’t need to be emptied as often, saving fuel for vehicles, time and money.

The bins also send an email alert when they are almost full.  

Costing a combined $66,000 the new bins, will be audited in partnership with Green Industries SA, who contributed $33,000 to the purchase cost.  

The new smart bins are located at Civic Park (Modbury), Golden Fields Reserve (Golden Grove) and Waterworld (Ridgehaven), adding to the single bins already located at Civic Park, Golden Field Reserve and Balmoral Reserve (Dernancourt) from the original trial.

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