Waste education


Every year South Australians generate millions of tonnes of waste. This includes food, plastic packaging, clothing and more. So what can we do?

These resource provides a range of Australian curriculum-aligned waste and recycling lesson ideas for primary and lower primary year levels, as well as fun hands-on activities that you can do with your students in the classroom.

The lessons and activities are designed to foster a better understanding of the importance of correct waste disposal and how it impacts on the environment.

Students will also be introduced to terms like reduce, reuse and recycle and will be encouraged to consider how they can reduce the amount of waste they create both at school and at home.

Lower primary

Lower primary lesson ideas(PDF, 393KB)
Lower primary worksheets(PDF, 7MB)


Primary lesson ideas(PDF, 698KB)
Primary worksheets(PDF, 1MB)

Other resources

Classroom resources(PDF, 4MB)
Colouring in sheets(PDF, 2MB)