Published 30 March 2020

With more people staying at home and work remotely, it's likely more household waste will be created, especially sanitary items, such as antibacterial wipes and sprays.

Our waste experts have answered some commonly asked questions to help us keep up the good work we've been doing over the past few years in waste reduction.

Q: I’m using more cleaning products, what bin do they go in?
A: Antibacterial wipes and other wipes such as Chux, along with rubber gloves and masks, go in the red-lid general waste bin.
Other household items that should be placed in the red-lid general waste bin 
These items will end up going to landfill.

Q: What are some commonly used cleaning items that can be recycled?
A: Everyday items such as empty aerosol cans and empty pump or spray bottles belong in the yellow-lid recycling bin.
Empty sturdy plastic containers for wipes or gloves also go in the recycling bin.

Q: I’m using Spray ‘n’ Wipe on paper towel to clean surfaces. Can the used paper towel go in the green organics bin?
A: Yes! Continue to put used paper towels into the green organics bin.
Other things that belong in your green organics bin
Collect rolls of compostable bags from Council’s Civic Centre to help dispose of food scraps, used tissues, tea bags and more. Each household is entitled to two free rolls of compostable bags a year.

Q: Help! I’m low on toilet paper and using tissues or paper towels instead. Where do these go?
SA Water says only toilet paper, pee and poo can be flushed down your toilet. Flushing other items such as wipes, paper towels and tissues can cause blockages and damage the sewer system. With more people staying home, it's important we keep the system healthy and operating smoothly. Used paper towels and tissues from number 2s need to go into the red-lid general waste bin.

Q: Are there any changes to our bin collection days?
A: Waste collection and sanitation are essential services for our community. No changes to the waste collection calendar have been made. If changes are required, we'll let you know.

Q: I’ve had plenty of time to tidy up the garden. Is Enviro Care Sunday still on?
A: The Enviro Care Sunday program has been modified until further notice. Visit the webpage for more information.