Published 08 August 2018

Almost half, yes, around 49% of the residential waste sent to landfill in the City of Tea Tree Gully can be placed in the green organics bin.

Converting your food scraps, garden clippings and other compostable items into compost or mulch is not only great for the environment, it’s packed full of nutrients and can be used to fertilise gardens, parks and sporting fields, protect against weeds, reduce plant stress and save water.

Conserving this precious resource is easy to do, simply place organic and compostable items in your green organics bin or home compost bin. The larger items can be taken to our regular Enviro Care Sunday recycling events.

Last year, almost 11,000 tonnes of food scraps, garden material and other compostable items were collected through the City of Tea Tree Gully’s fortnightly green organics bin collection program and turned into nutrient rich compost which can be used again to grow plants and food.

By diverting food and organic material from landfill we are also reducing the level of harmful greenhouse gases entering the environment.

When food rots with other organics in landfill it gives off a greenhouse gas called methane, which is 25 times more potent than the carbon pollution that comes out of your car exhaust.

Composting and mulching green organics is also cheaper than sending them to landfill. If we reduce the amount of material sent to landfill then Council can invest the savings in other community services.

So whether you compost through your green organics bin or your own compost bin, you are helping to save half of your waste from going to landfill and instead turning it into a valuable resource.

What can I place in my green organics bin?

  • Kitchen food scraps including fruit, meat, bones, vegetables and egg shells
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds
  • Used tissues and paper towels
  • Shredded paper and cardboard
  • Pizza boxes
  • Pet waste and kitty litter
  • Garden waste such as lawn clippings, small branches, leaves and flowers.

Please ensure items are loose or wrapped only in newspaper or placed in the green compost bags provided free by Council.

Making food recycling a bit easier

A Mini Muncher kitchen caddy is a great way to maximise household recycling for the whole family. This convenient bench top bin allows you to recycle green bin friendly items with ease. While stocks last!

What do I do with larger items?

Larger amounts of green waste can be recycled at Enviro Care Sunday. We also accept e-waste and many other household items at this regular event.