Published 20 January 2021

Have you ever really thought about how much food ends up in your bin?

That soggy tomato at the back of the fridge, the hunk of cheese starting to go mouldy, the out-of-date meat or the leftovers that never get eaten.

Australian families throw out about $3,800 worth of food per year (or one in every five shopping bags). That’s more than $70 per week that we could all be saving. Not to mention the resources that go into producing the food that ends up in your fridge or pantry.

Knowing your waste is the first step to avoiding it.

Before you go shopping next, clean out all the unwanted or expired food from your fridge or pantry and put it on your kitchen bench or table. Take note of how much food is there and the types of food.

Knowing which foods we tend to waste and how much is the first step towards waste reduction.

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing hints and tips to help you reduce the amount of food waste you create and hopefully save some money along the way.

And for those old or unwanted food items you pulled out of your fridge and pantry, remove any packaging and feed them to your green organics bin.

From seafood shells and meat bones, to fruit and vegetable scraps, dairy items and coffee grounds, all old and unwanted food items are good to go in your green organics bin.

Life makes more sense when everything is in the right place. So lift the right lid.