Published 25 January 2021

Are you tired of slimy cucumbers, wilted lettuce and mouldy cheese?

Air, moisture and heat are the three things responsible for food spoilage.

Hopefully, these simple tips will help keep your food fresher for longer, ensuring it is still good to eat when you want it.

Keep it in the right spot.

We all know keeping our fridge at the right temperature (between three and four degrees Celsius) is essential to extending the life of our food. So is where we place our food items. 

Place ready to eat items, like dairy products, cooked meats, leftovers and other packaged foods on the top shelves.

Use the lower shelves to store raw meat, poultry and fish.

And in the salad drawers, put salads, vegetables and fruit.

Arranging your food the right way will not only make it last longer, it will also make it much easier to find.

Make it air-tight

When we store food correctly, we extend its shelf life and better preserve its nutrition.

Air-tight containers with snug-fitting lids are perfect for storing items in the fridge, freezer or cupboard.

Storing items in the right portion sizes and using a suitably sized container will also help reduce potential food waste.

Paper towel

Keep vegetables that sweat, like mushrooms, strawberries and cucumbers, from wilting by placing these items in an air-tight container or bag with a piece or two of paper towel to absorb the moisture. 

Replace the paper towel every few days. 

Once used, the soggy paper towel can go in your green organics bin.