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Published 05 August 2020

Many of us love the convenience and affordability of coffee pods. 

But unfortunately single-use pods cannot be recycled via your yellow recycling bin.

Many pods end up contaminating the recycling system, ultimately going into landfill and undoing all good intentions.

Some coffee pods can be recycled but only via your local Nespresso store or Nespresso collection point

If you are unable to do this, then they should go into the red-lid waste bin.

Golden Grove resident Kevin (pictured) says it takes very little effort to reduce the carbon footprint of his daily home-brewed pod coffee via Nespresso.  

"We put used coffee pods in a container and drop them off at a recycling collection point when the container is full."  

Other ways reduce the environmental impact of pod coffee

  • Use reusable pods, such as SealPod or Pod Star capsules. Check they are compatible with your machine before purchasing. These pods give you the freedom to choose your coffee beans and then put the used grounds straight onto your garden or your green organics bin.
  • Switch to using loose ground coffee in a standard non-pod coffee machine. It's generally cheaper and you get the satisfaction of brewing coffee from scratch.