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Published 06 May 2020

Social isolating during the COVID-19 crisis has prompted many people to do an early spring clean and declutter. 

Get the lowdown below on what to do with any excess items that can't be recycled, given away or repurposed - and shouldn't go in any of your three kerbside bins.

These free options will enable you to dispose of your items with the best environmental outcome as they will be recycled into new products. 

Electronic waste or e-waste
Includes products such as computers, televisions, home entertainment systems, printers, faxes and mobile phones

Up to 95% of the materials in these items can be reused or recycled. Proper disposal is critical as they contain hazardous chemicals.
Where to take your electronic waste or e-waste. 

Hazardous waste
Includes garden chemicals, insect repellents, cleaners, automotive products, home improvement products, acids, asbestos and fluorescent light globes
Where to take your hazardous waste.

Hard waste
Includes steel or whitegoods, mattress/base, electrical items, tools and gardening equipment, floor coverings

Each household can dispose of up to 2 cubic metres (2m x 1m x 1m) of hard waste up to two times a year. Book this free service before putting waste our for collections as wait times of up to four weeks occur. 
Book a hard waste collection

Charity donations
Used clothing and shoes, housewares, books and media, kitchenware 
Clothing  locations are reduced at the moment due to lack of volunteers. Items left outside charity stores or bins cannot be accepted and must go to landfill - costing the charity money. Store your donation items at home until locations reopen - or give away or sell online. 

Soft plastics
Any plastic that can be scrunched into a ball, e.g. bread bags, biscuit packets (wrapper only), frozen food and vegetable bags, cereal box liners, plastic bags

Drop clean soft plastics off in a  REDcycle bin at Coles or Woolworths stores. If you are unable to do this, soft plastics must go in your red-lid waste bin. 
More about REDCycle

Still not sure what to do?
Head to the Which Bin website