Statistics, data and maps

drone view of modbury

Community Profile

Community Profile provides demographic analysis for the City of Tea Tree Gully as a whole and for its individual suburbs. The data displayed is based on results from the 2017 to 2021 ABS Censuses of Population and Housing. Use the Community Profile to discover a wealth of information about the community including;

  • Population, age, birthplace and religion
  • Education, occupation and income 
  • Household size, types of dwellings and ownership 
  • Wellbeing, migration and disability.

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Economic Profile

Economic Profile presents up-to-date economic data to assist businesses and residents in understanding the local economy and its major drivers. Discover detailed data, characteristics and trends related to specific areas of the local economy.

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Forecast Profile

Forecast Profile identifies the local drivers of demographic and housing change to model future scenarios over a 20-year period. Detailed forecasts enable evidence-based decision making for strategic planning, land supply, service provision and infrastructure.

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Housing Profile

Housing Profile presents insights into property trends, local housing affordability, levels of housing stress and supporting demographic data.

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Open data

Council is evaluating opportunities to release data openly. Open data is non-sensitive information that can be accessed freely and used, modified and shared for any purpose. Data may be released as documents, tables or geographic layers.

Releasing non-sensitive information encourages community engagement and creates opportunities for inclusive, transparent development and innovation. This includes data from sensors, that provide us a greater understanding of where we live, work and play. Read more about data collection and internet of things in the City of Tea Tree Gully.

To access open data from around the state, visit SA Government Data Directory

State of the City 2023

The State of the City Report(PDF, 20MB) has been prepared to assist Council to understand its local community better. The report will be used to inform future planning for the CTTG including Council’s Strategic Plan 2030. It provides a snapshot in time and brief analysis of developing trends that have the potential to impact Council’s operations, asset management, planning and delivery of services. 

The report is divided into three sections: 

  • Our community 
  • Our environment 
  • Our economy 

These sections include summary data relating to each theme and also include some notable trends observable from the data.