Playground Crawl

Published on 22 January 2024


Pack a picnic and set off for a family day of adventure, exploration and recreation with our Playground Crawl! 

We’ve divided our City into five different zones for the Playground Crawl: Central, North, East, South and West with options to explore by car or on foot.

The icons on the maps will guide you through your chosen Playground Crawl. Routes vary in length and time, and offer something different to experience. 

Use the interactive map to follow the crawls, or download the PDF maps below. Click on the interactive map 'bookmark' to see the list of crawls. 



Download the complete Playground Crawl or the area crawls below.

Playground Crawl - All routes(PDF, 3MB)

Playground Crawl - Central(PDF, 863KB)

Playground Crawl - North(PDF, 954KB)

Playground Crawl - East(PDF, 904KB)

Playground Crawl - South(PDF, 992KB)  

Playground Crawl - West(PDF, 907KB)

See a complete list of playgrounds across the City of Tea Tree Gully for even more adventure in the outdoors.