Bin collection days

Find your bin collection day by going to our 'Near you' page and typing in your address.

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Missed bin collections

Report a missed bin collection online or call Solo Resource Recovery on 8159 5090 within 48 hours of a missed bin collection.  

If you are experiencing ongoing issues with missed bin collections, please call Council on 8397 7444

Bin collection calendar


Week A(PDF, 106KB)  (colour) and Week B(PDF, 107KB)  (colour)

Week A(PDF, 123KB)  (black and white) and Week B(PDF, 167KB)  (black and white)

Hard copy request:

Request a printed calendar to be mailed to your home

Bin collection service 

Red-lid general waste bins are collected weekly.

Yellow-lid recycling and green-lid organics bins are collected on alternating fortnights.

Bins are collected Monday to Friday, including all public holidays except Good Friday, Christmas day and New Year's day. On these days and the remaining days of those weeks, collections occur a day later than the usual collection day.

On catastrophic fire days, bin collections will be postponed until the next possible day. Please leave bins out until they are collected. Check the fire danger rating in your fire ban district.

Putting your bins out for collection

More than 120,000 bins are emptied across the City of Tea Tree Gully every week so it’s important to work together to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Help by placing your bins on the kerb in a visible position by 6am on your collection day and bring bins in by the following day.

Bins should be placed 50cm apart with wheels facing away from the kerb. They should also be placed at least one metre from obstacles such as parked cars, trees and electricity poles.

If you live in a multi-apartment complex, please place the bins lined up in the same bin-type, for example all recycling bins next to each other. This will make it easier for the truck to collect.

Bins must be less than 50kg to be emptied.